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Dexon knowledge articles – selection of sounding projects

Zvuková sestava pro soudní síně

Ozvučení soudní síně má svá specifika. Jedná se především o požadavek na nahrávání a na velký počet mikrofonů.

Konferenční sestava I

U této sestavy, která je určena pro přednášející, moderátory, konferenční prostory, školení atd…

Vybavení hudebních klubů a diskoték

Ozvučení klubu má svá specifika. Především ozvučovací systém musí být univerzální…

Ozvučení koupelny a sauny nebo malého bazénu

Koupelnu začínáme více chápat jako místo relaxace. Proto už při rekonstrukci nebo výstavbě zvážíme, zda a kde by přítomný zvuk byl vhodný…

item name, cat. nr. info

27 916 | MRS 1160 multiroom system

Compact HiFi multiroom solution for 4 stereo zones, 7 music channels, DVD, USB, MP3, AM / FM tuner, Bluetooth, inputs TV, SAT, AUX, IR control ext. music sources, video inputs and outputs, scheduler, clock, thermometer, mute, standby, 4× 20 W stereo, 1 central to everything, 4 on-wall keypads with TFT color LCD, 2 IR remote controllers, applications for smartphone

Suitable for: multiroom sounding of family house, flats, company offices, wellness center, small hotels


271076 | JPM 1100 100 V power amplifier

1× 100 W / 100 V or 8 Ω, D class, efficiency 85%, limiter, band pass filter, switching power supply, minimal heat emission, completely passive cooling, protection against overloads and short circuits, wall mounting

Suitable for: public address sounding interiors and exteriors, such as extension amplifier for mixing amplifier, due to minimal heat emission installation to ceilings, walls, cabinets and other poorly ventilated space as a dedicated amplifier

 21% DISCOUNT 406,59 € on stock yes

27 899 | JPA 1182WI amplifier WiFi central

2 line + 3 mic inputs, 3 zones, 180 W, priority, MP3 player, SD and USB slot, tuner, Bluetooth, IR remote control, WiFi, Internet radios, podcasts, play from a local network, the Internet, smartphone, tablet, PCs, DLNA, AirPlay, UpnP, any and free of charge streaming applications

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system with big comfort of local or internet music streaming


210037 | RP 91 + JPM 2021 set of active ceiling speakers with Bluetooth

plastic, hifi, 2× 20 W / 8 Ω, 87 dB, 55 – 20 000 Hz, dia. 213 mm, kevlar cone, crossover, tweeter level switch, stereo amplifier, and bluetooth receiver built-in the speaker, playing directly from smart phone, laptop or tablet

Suitable for: installation in the ceilings and walls, quick sound in room


27 034 | DAC 500 amplifier

2×200 W RMS / 8 Ω, 2×300 W / 4 Ω, 1×500 W / 8 Ω, class H, 20 – 20 000 Hz, S/N 108 dB, 11 kg

Suitable for: sounding bands, musicians, music clubs, restaurants, conference and speaker applications


271069 | JPM 2020 stereo power amplifier

2×20 W / 4 or 8 Ω, D class with high efficiency, equalizer, 230×56×115 mm

Suitable for: sounding interiors and exteriors, local sound system, sound system in bathroom, room, gazebo, built in furniture or wall mounting as dedicated stereo amplifier. Also suitable for trucks and busses.


27 893 | JPA 1182 amplifier central

2 line + 3 mic inputs, 3 zones, 180 W, priority, MP3 player, SD and USB slot, tuner, Bluetooth, IR remote control, high quality sound

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system with big player comfort


17 927 | 2× BC 800A + MBD 830 + MD 110 speakers set with microphones

two active speakers, 2×120W / 113 dB, microphone, wireless hand microphone, stands and cabling

Suitable for: sounding bands, musicians, music clubs, restaurants, conference and speaker applications

 20% DISCOUNT 665,56 € on stock yes

210013 | RP 122 ceiling speaker without transformer

plastic, hifi, 60 W / 8 Ω, 90 dB, 40 – 20 000 Hz, dia. 280 mm, crossover, kevlar cone

Suitable for: installation in the ceilings and walls


03 444 | SP 512 speaker with handle black

50 / 80 W, 8 Ω, 88 dB, 60 – 20 000 Hz, handle, 5″ polypropylene woofer, 20 mm textille dome tweeter

Suitable for: wall installation in the interior, for sounding comercial places, restaurnts, bars, offices, administrative places, hotels


Dexon knowledge articles – selection of constructions

Kalkulačka nákladů na provoz rozhlasové ústředny nebo zesilovače

Zkuste si sami níže vypočítat, kolik ušetříte na elektrické energii správným výběrem zařízení.

Reprosoustava hifi centrální s 2x 10 cm reproduktorem

Reprosoustava je vyrobena z 18 mm DTD desky, doporučujeme vyrobit…

Návrhy moderních profesionálních uzvučnic pro reproduktory Beyma

Kompletní projekty s dvoupásmovými soustavami a subwoofery i pro Line Array sys.

Company profile

At present, we are the only one Czech company producing its own products under its own brand name on a large scale, thus consolidating the leading position not only on the Czech market. In addition, sales in our specialized stores on the turnover of the company involved also delivery service and export to Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Estonia and Lithuania.

Wide range assortment AND SERVICES FOR YOU
Our main goal is customer satisfaction. And not only satisfied with the quality of services, technical facilities, but also the breadth and range of availability. Therefore, the storage area of 5 000 sqm, we have 90% permanently store items that are ready for dispatch within 24 hours. We will always meet and provides free technical advice. Working with advanced information system, which is accompanied by a web pages with the full comfort of ordering.

We are a manufacturer and seller of auto Hifi sound technology, professional installation speakers and sound speakers. We offer speakers, hi-fi speakers, hi-fi racks, stands speakers, professional speakers, amplifiers, loudspeaker, autosubwoofery, speakers, evacuation and radio, audio kits including auto sound devices. Sound for interior, 100V distribution, 100V speakers and speakers. Lighting and sound equipment, including top professional speakers.

Quality of products and services
All products are multiple checkedbefore they are dispatched. Production centers are equipped with testing and measuring system Liberty Audiosuite, which provide continuous testing of production parameters. Kept pace with the times and they are constantly developing new products. Design and simulation are made solely on the computer and then designed the product is physically produced. However, sometimes it is the path to the desired goal is too complicated, and so happens that produce several prototypes, than run the serial production. This is our range is becoming more sophisticated and capable competitors.

Subwoofers, car speakers, loudspeakers for home Cinema, mixers, reprosoustava, speakers, subwoofers, hi-fi speakers, family houses, family house, radio switchboard, the radio exchanges, speaker systems, speaker, assembly kits, speakers, stand, stands, subwoofer, subwoofer, technology, loudspeaker, sound centrals, PBX, switches, wat, woofer, hanging speakers, amplifiers, sound, sound system, evacuation radio, speakers, car, car, hi-fi speakers, car speakers, car speakers, audio, hifi, 5.1, autohifi, speakers, 100 V, 100V, speakers, cables, amplifiers, subwoofers, home theater, car speakers, decibel, assembly, wat, zesík, watt, subwoofer, DVD sets, notebooks, car, music, speakers, reproboxy, drivers, Tweeter, piezo, connectors and cables.

The company was founded in 1989 as an entity engaged in the production of professional and HiFi speakers and professional speakers. Gradual development, we extended for a further workshop operations (now 3 centers) for which the company soon added stores in Ostrava, Prague and Karviná, which meant the increase in the number of employees. In 1999, we established a branch in Poland and Slovakia and the beginning of 2002 we have transformed into a company Dexon Czech ltd., moved into the newly built premises in Karviná industrial zone and built a new system of internal processes.

Over the years, we have reconstructed other buildings and built its own industrial zone in order to extend our activities. Rising, so in the near future we will be transformed into joint-stock company.

We provide sound system for schools, restaurants, pubs, offices, buildings, playgrounds, car, domestic premises, supermarkets, shops, production facilities, municipalities, etc. We do 100V, 100 V, 5.1, professional speakers, accesories, audio, car speakers, autohifi, evacuation, mixers, wireless microphones, hifi stands, wireless microphone, loudspeaker, decibel, DEXON, discussion, discussion systems, home theater, home radio, DVDs, electronics, reentrant horn speakers, enclosures, evacuation, speakers stands, evacuation, rescue radio, speakers, hifi, evacuation, hifi speakers, hifi stands, the volume, music, cable, cable, connector, connectors, construction material, a small evacuation, the small evacuation system, ceiling speakers, microphone, microphones, mixers, mixers, laptops, emergency, emergency system, emergency sound system, sound system, sound equipment, speakers, ceiling speakers, ceiling, fire, loudspeaker, radio, fire, professional speakers, desk microphones, over-in microphone, subwoofers , cables, microphones, reentrantní speakers, volume control, hi-fi speakers, volume control, speakers, speakers stands, speaker systems in 5.1,

Business conditions
Basket content Number of prod.: 0 Price €: 0,00
Contacts Tel.: +420 596 321 160

LED lights

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Konferenční sestava I

U této sestavy, která je určena pro přednášející, moderátory, konferenční prostory, školení atd…

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27 487 | DPC 700 audio processor

2 inputs, 6 outputs, active crossover, 2×6 matrix, summing, sensitivity adjust, Shelf EQ and parametric EQ, change polarity (phase), limiter / compressor, delay, mute on each channel, 24 b / 48 kHz, 32b DSP processing, presets, easy operation

349,61 € with VAT
Discounts  14% DISCOUNT

05 020 | BRB 15"/450/01,8 bass speaker

15″, 450 W RMS, 8 Ω, 98 dB, 48 – 2 000 Hz

184,61 € with VAT

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