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Ozvučení na střeše autobusu

Článek se věnuje ozvučení na střeše autobusu, který se využívá u mítingů, reklamních a propagačních akcí politických stran, sdružení, ale i pojízdných prodejen či knihoven.

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27 914 | JWP 450 mixing console with player

2 bal. inputs MIC/LINE, 2 stereo AUX inputs, line outputs, Mp3 player from USB or SD card, Bluetooth, bass + treble corrections, IR remote control, steel case for on or under wall instrallation

Suitable for: remote sound input, remote playback, mixing and line and microphone signal inputs

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03 453 | SP 512 speaker with handle white with 100V transformáterm

30 W / 100 V, 50 W / 8 Ω, 88 dB, 60 – 20 000 Hz, handle, 5″ polypropylene woofer, 20 mm textille dome tweeter

Suitable for: wall installation in the interior, for sounding comercial places, restaurnts, bars, offices, administrative places, hotels

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271032 | JBG 203 universal background music player with internet radio

internet radio player, player of AAC/AAC+, MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC files from USB or network using UPnP, DLNA and PlayTo, tuners FM with RDS, DAB, DAB + with DLS, AUX input, scheduler, connection to the LAN via ethernet or wifi

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system, addition of amplifier centrals or public address sound as long-term BGM player

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27 929 | MRP 2171 on-wall player with amplifier

2×17 W class-D stereo amplifier, FM tuner, MP3 player from USB and SD, Bluetooth, EQ, 2× AUX input, big display, power supply from 230 V, IR remote control, sleek compact performance „all in one“ in shape of light switch

Suitable for: sound bathrooms, rooms, patios, gazebo, offices as well as the sound source and signal amplification

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27 802 | JPA 1186 amplifier central

2 line + 3 mic inputs, 3 zones, 180 W, priority, MP3 player, SD and USB slot, FM tuner, Bluetooth, audio module for chimes and announcements, IR remote control, WiFi, Internet radios, play from a local network and from internet, smartphone, tablet, PCs, DLNA, AirPlay, UpnP, Spotify, Tune-In, I-Heart Radio, Napster, Deezer, any and free of charge streaming applications, high efficiency, quality sound

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system with comfort of local or internet music streaming

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21 863 | WA 520RC wireless conference system

set of 1× WA 520RU central unit + 1× WA 520RB chairman microphone + 6× WA 520RC delegate microphone, two-way data communication, UHF, automatic digital tuning and pairing, expandable up to 256 microphones, FIFO queue, active speaker limitation, priority, equalizer, backlit displays, fast installation, variability, excellent intelligibility, operating time up to 6 h

Suitable for: conference halls, meeting rooms, discussions, negotiations, meetings, teaching, government, local councils

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27 801 | JPA 2035 amplifier central

3 Aux + 2 Mic inputs, separated equalizer for mic and aux inputs, 1 stereo zone, 2×30 W / 8 Ω, 2×50 W / 4 Ω, MP3 player, SD and USB slot, tuner, Bluetooth, IR remote control, power supply also from 12 V DC

Suitable for: interior, exterior, desks, cars, buses, sounding system with player comfort, also for home sound system

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21 859 | WA 820RB + WA 820RC set of signal carrier via optical cable

digital audio transmission via optical cable (multimode MM), stereo, 24 b / 96 kHz D/A and A/D converter, separate transmission outside LAN / WAN network, point to point, maximum connection length 2000 m, high sound quality, very low noise (S/N ratio 105 dB) and low latency

Suitable for: connecting two distant sound equipments, e.g. in different buildings, to loosen the ground loop and reduce hum and noise

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27 011 | DMC 2220 mixing console

2 mono and 2 stereo inputs via XLR and Jack, 3 bands. correction, AUX, phantom voltage, 3 buses

Suitable for: band, music clubs, sounding apparatus