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Sound system for courtrooms

The sound system of the courtroom has its specifics. This is mainly a requirement for recording and a large number of microphones.

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27 906 | PA 580 desk counter microphone with chime

elegant microphone with base, 50 – 16 000 Hz, dual activation indication, automatic chime, volumes adjustment, adapter or battery power supply, supercardioid directional characteristic

Suitable for: counters, door desks, reception desks, information windows, cash desks, announcements in companies, schools, hotels, shops

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27 011 | DMC 2220 mixing console

2 mono and 2 stereo inputs via XLR and Jack, 3 bands. correction, AUX, phantom voltage, 3 buses

Suitable for: band, music clubs, sounding apparatus

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27 933 | MRP 4170 on-wall player with amplifier

2× 17 W, 4 speaker outputs, touch screen, Class D amplifier, music and video player from SD card and micro USB-B, FM tuner, Bluetooth, AUX input, equalizer, auto play, auto turn-on announcement, scheduler, alarm clock, door bell, power supply directly from 230 V, elegant design

Suitable for: sound bathrooms, kitchen, rooms, terrace, office, small shop or restaurant, as well as the sound source and signal amplification

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21 891 | MBD 840 diversity wireless hand-held microphone

complete set, true-diversity, UHF, PLL, IR re-transmission, auto tuned, pairing, scanning, tuning from 100 frequencies, adjustable transmission power, radio range of 130 m, digital keying using a digital ID, filtering, compressor, expander, 2 noise gates, squelch, metal carrying case

Suitable for: speakers, interviewer, singers, music clubs, conferences, sounding apparatus

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27 790 | MRS 4050 multiroom system with internet radio and streaming

different music to different zones, 4 stereo zones, each zone power 2× 50 W / 8 Ω, or 1× 100 W, digital concept, LAN, Smart Audio technology: Internet radios, playback from local network, from the Internet, smartphone, tablet, computer, DLNA, AirPlay, UpnP, Spotify, Tune-In, I-Heart Radio, Napster, Deezer, streaming applications, web control, synchronous Multiroom mode, inputs: USB, Line-In, optical S/PDIF TOS-Link, coaxial, for each zone and global too, analog and digital zone outputs for amplifier or subwoofer, presets, equalizers

Suitable for: sound system for a family home, restaurant, office, wellness center and other interiors and exteriors with the rich comfort of local and internet playback

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28 082 | Speakers and speaker boxes III

book, speaker constructions and principles, its measurement, theory, speaker boxes, crossovers, speaker parts, construction DIY projects and drawings, connections, tables, materials, methods of public address sounding, public address sound projects, hard book cover, 414 pages

Suitable for: DIY, home builders of speakers, public address sounding, sound installation companies

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03 270 | SN 260 speaker for sauna

stereo, 2× 40 W / 2× 8 Ω, 2× 80 W max., 2× 94 dB, 65 – 20,000 Hz, easy installation without any drilling, for placement under the sauna bench on the floor, linden wood, does not exclude odors and wood pitch, withstands up to 50 °C, wet proof, without surfacing

Suitable for: sound system of the sauna

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08 054 | SUB 1201A active subwoofer

12″ speaker, bass reflex, 250 / 400 W, 25 – 400 Hz, volume control, crossover, phase invert, auto switching, piano paint, luxury, quality sound

Suitable for: sound apartments, restaurants, shops, hi-fi, home cinema

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210058 | MCS 620T ceiling speaker with steel cover evacuation

metal, 6 W / 100 V, 91 dB, 90 – 16 000 Hz, Ø 200 mm, clamps mounting, incl. steel cover, EN 54–24 certified

Suitable for: installation in the ceilings and walls, evacuation system

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