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Ozvučení kulturního domu

Kulturní dům, to je velký sál, jak jej znáte, a také menší sály a přísálí. Proto tento návrh ozvučení rozdělíme na jednotlivé prostory.

Selection of products

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27 929 | MRP 2171 on-wall player with amplifier

2×17 W class-D stereo amplifier, FM tuner, MP3 player from USB and SD, Bluetooth, EQ, 2× AUX input, big display, power supply from 230 V, IR remote control, sleek compact performance „all in one“ in shape of light switch

Suitable for: sound bathrooms, rooms, patios, gazebo, offices as well as the sound source and signal amplification

364,65 €
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17 915 | BC 1000A professional speaker box active

120 / 200 W, 116 dB SPL max, 50 – 20 000 Hz, 10″ bass. spk., 25 mm driver, active

Suitable for: sounding bands, musicians, music clubs, restaurants, conference and speaker applications

210,95 €
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21 904 | MBC 840 diversity wireless hand-held microphone

complete set, true-diversity, UHF, PLL, IR re-transmission, auto tuned, pairing, scanning, tuning from 100 frequencies, adjustable transmittion power, radio range of 230 m, digital keying using a digital ID, filtering, automatic feedback suppression by PC EDA, compressor, expander, 2 noise gates, squelch, metal carrying case

Suitable for: band, singers, music clubs, speakers, conferences, sounding apparatus

Discount 42%
369,26 €
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02 530 | 15P80/Nd bass speaker

15″, 800 W AES, 8 Ω, 100 dB, 25 – 4 000 Hz, Nd magnet

Suitable for: subwoofer, bass speakers, for order 3pcs above, discount 20%

537,56 €
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08 054 | SUB 1201A active subwoofer

12″ speaker, bass reflex, 250 / 400 W, 25 – 400 Hz, volume control, crossover, phase invert, auto switching, piano paint, luxury, quality sound

Suitable for: sound apartments, restaurants, shops, hi-fi, home cinema

326,22 €
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27 812 | JPM 2032WB amplifier with Bluetooth, WiFi, LAN, USB and IR

2× 30 W / 8 Ω, 2× 50 W / 4 Ω, 1 stereo input Line In, 1 stereo output Line Out, D class, high efficiency, fully digital, processor controlled, Bluetooth, WiFi, Lan, Smart Audio technology: Internet radios, podcasts, play from a local network, the Internet, smartphone, tablet, PCs, DLNA, AirPlay, UpnP, streaming applications, sw. equalizer, limiter, protection, standby, remote control, passive cooling, console

Suitable for: sounding interiors and exteriors, local sound system, for builting-in furniture or wall mounting as dedicated stereo amplifier with up to 4 speakers. Also suitable for trucks and busses.

191,74 €
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27 699 | JWS 11 module of internet radio and music streaming in LAN, WiFi and Bluetooth

streaming Internet radio, podcasts and music from the Internet and LAN, support for DLNA, AirPlay, Qplay, Spotify Connect, cable connection (ethernet), WiFi, Bluetooth, Aux line input, USB slot for playing local content, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify , QQMusic, Tidal, Napster, Qobuz, Deezer .., open system supporting various applications, output Jack 3.5 to amplifier or headphones

Suitable for: upgrading an existing obsolete (mixing) amplifier with the convenience of internet radio and streaming music

2,27 €
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12 996 | Rca (Cinch) black high-end male

max dia. of cable 9 mm, tightening mechanism, coloured, high quality

Suitable for: high quality signal interconnection equipment in High End and HiFi category

57,25 €
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210013 | RP 122 ceiling speaker

plastic, hifi, 60 W / 8 Ω, 90 dB, 40 – 20 000 Hz, dia. 280 mm, crossover, kevlar cone, w/o transformer

Suitable for: installation in the ceilings and walls