Selection of sounding projects

Sound system for courtrooms

The sound system of the courtroom has its specifics. This is mainly a requirement for recording and a large number of microphones.

Sound system for bathroom, sauna or small pool

We are beginning to understand the bathroom more as a place of relaxation. It is a kind of „small wellness center“ for us. Therefore, during reconstruction or building, we will consider whether and where the sound would be suitable …

Selection of products

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210020 | RP 64 waterproof coaxial speaker

plastic, water proof, 20 W / 8 Ω, 88 dB, 155 – 20 000 Hz, dia. 141 mm

Suitable for: bathrooms, spas, swimming pools, saunas, wc

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210004 | CSP 220A sound projector active with Bluetooth

2 × 20 W, 100 – 16 000 Hz, D class amplifier with high efficiency, Bluetooth, power output to the next speaker

Suitable for: local sounding, sounding of both interiors and partly protected exterior, sound on car roof, sales windows, cash desks, fast foods, services, health care, entertainment attractions, industry, office administration, state administration

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27 816 | JPA 1185IP amplifier IP central with intelligent management

2 line + 3 mic inputs, 3 zones, 180 W, priority, MP3 player, SD and USB slot, FM tuner, Bluetooth, audio module for chimes and announcements, IR remote control, IP digital audio technology, LAN input, high comfort software of Dexon IP Audio technology – mp3 playlists, internet radios, scheduler, sound card capture, automatization, media and users administration, server based, high efficiency, quality sound

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system with high player comfort and IP connection

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12 965 | Speaker cable for 100 V line systems 2×1,5 mm²

special cable for 100 V line speaker systems, 2 × 1.5 mm², CCA copper, twisted core wires, low capacity

Suitable for: connection of amplifier central, amplifier, and speakers in 100 V line system

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27 979 | HE 400TWS Bluetooth headphones with microphone and charging box

TWS, charging box, microphone, large headphone capsule dia. 13 mm, excellent sound with low distortion, Czech audio menu, functions for audio playback, calling and game mode with low delay, operating time up to 7 h, automatic charging in the box, elegant design

Suitable for: playing music, calling, hands-free, listening to games, working with a computer, etc.

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27 798 | JPA 6240 amplifier central with internet radio

different signals to different zones – routing, 6 zones, 6× 240 W, 4 universal and 3 safety inputs with automatic, priority, audio module with internal emergency message, MP3 player, SD + USB reader, FM tuner, Bluetooth, IR remote control, WiFi, LAN, internet radio, playback from local network, internet, smartphone, tablet, computer, DLNA, AirPlay, UpnP, Spotify, I-Heart Radio, Napster, Deezer, any and free streaming applications, high efficiency, rich routing and control options

Suitable for: sounding guest houses, offices, restaurants and other interiors and exteriors with high comfort of both local and internet audio streaming

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27 934 | MRP 2171 on-wall player with amplifier black

2×17 W class-D stereo amplifier, FM tuner, MP3 player from USB and SD, Bluetooth, EQ, 2× AUX input, big display, power supply from 230 V, IR remote control, sleek compact performance „all in one“ in shape of light switch

Suitable for: sound bathrooms, rooms, patios, gazebo, offices as well as the sound source and signal amplification

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27 933 | MRP 4170 on-wall player with amplifier

2× 17 W, 4 speaker outputs, touch screen, Class D amplifier, music and video player from SD card and micro USB-B, FM tuner, Bluetooth, AUX input, equalizer, auto play, auto turn-on announcement, scheduler, alarm clock, door bell, power supply directly from 230 V, elegant design

Suitable for: sound bathrooms, kitchen, rooms, terrace, office, small shop or restaurant, as well as the sound source and signal amplification

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21 857 | WA 825RC + WA 825RC set of signal carriers via optical cable

digital audio signal transmission via optical cable (fiber singlemode SM), full duplex (one signal there and the other back), stereo, 24 b / 48 kHz D/A and A/D converters, separate transmission outside the LAN / WAN network, point to point , max. connection length 20 km, quality sound, very low noise (S/N ratio108 dB) and low latency 0.5 ms

Suitable for: connecting two distant sound equipments, e.g. in different buildings or towns, to loosen the ground loop and reduce hum and noise