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Chytré bezdrátové ozvučení

Trendem jsou interiéry čisté, nepřeplácané. Chceme, aby ozvučení nejenom dobře hrálo, ale aby do interiéru dobře zapadlo. Mnohdy tak, že nesmí být vůbec vidět.

Selection of products

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27 796 | JPM 2022WI amplifier with WiFi and Lan

2×20 W / 4 or 8 Ω, D class with high efficiency WiFi, Lan, Internet radios, podcasts, play from a local network, the Internet, smartphone, tablet, PCs, DLNA, AirPlay, UpnP, any and free of charge streaming applications, installation directly on ceiling speakers

Suitable for: wireless sounding interior and roofed exterior, local sound, sound bathrooms, rooms, as dedicated stereo amplifier with input connected to network

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21 904 | MBC 840 diversity wireless hand-held microphone

complete set, true-diversity, UHF, PLL, IR re-transmission, auto tuned, pairing, scanning, tuning from 100 frequencies, adjustable transmittion power, radio range of 230 m, digital keying using a digital ID, filtering, automatic feedback suppression by PC EDA, compressor, expander, 2 noise gates, squelch, metal carrying case

Suitable for: band, singers, music clubs, speakers, conferences, sounding apparatus

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27 802 | JPA 1186 amplifier central

2 line + 3 mic inputs, 3 zones, 180 W, priority, MP3 player, SD and USB slot, FM tuner, Bluetooth, audio module for chimes and announcements, IR remote control, WiFi, Internet radios, play from a local network and from internet, smartphone, tablet, PCs, DLNA, AirPlay, UpnP, Spotify, Tune-In, I-Heart Radio, Napster, Deezer, any and free of charge streaming applications, high efficiency, quality sound

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system with comfort of local or internet music streaming

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27 915 | JPA 2030 amplifier central

1 line input, 1 stereo zone, 2×30 W, MP3 player, SD and USB slot, Bluetooth, IR remote control, small dimensions

Suitable for: interior, desks, cars, buses, sounding system with player comfort

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27 911 | PA 570 desk counter microphone

microphone with base, 60 – 18000 Hz, power indication and activation, adjustable gong, 230 V or battery power supply, cardioid direction characteristic

Suitable for: sounding counters, control rooms, courtroom, conference rooms, discussion

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271032 | JBG 203 universal background music player with internet radio

internet radio player, player of AAC/AAC+, MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC files from USB or network using UPnP, DLNA and PlayTo, tuners FM with RDS, DAB, DAB + with DLS, AUX input, scheduler, connection to the LAN via ethernet or wifi

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system, addition of amplifier centrals or public address sound as long-term BGM player

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210058 | MCS 620T ceiling speaker with steel cover evacuation

metal, 6 W / 100 V, 91 dB, 90 – 16 000 Hz, Ø 200 mm, clamps mounting, incl. steel cover, EN 54–24 certified

Suitable for: installation in the ceilings and walls, evacuation system

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27 811 | JPM 2032 stereo power amplifier

2× 30 W / 8 Ω, 2× 50 W / 4 Ω, 1 stereo input Line In, 1 stereo output Line Out, D class, high efficiency, fully digital, processor controlled, sw. equalizer, limiter, protection, standby, remote control, passive cooling, console

Suitable for: sounding interiors and exteriors, local sound system, for builting-in furniture or wall mounting as dedicated stereo amplifier with up to 4 speakers. Also suitable for trucks and busses.

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08 105 | Largo 70 + Stojan Hifi 700 set of book-shelf satellite hifi speakers and stands

2 way, book-shelf, satellite, 5,25″ bass. spk., 1″ tweeter, 35 / 80 W, 89 dB, 55 – 20 000 Hz, wooden design, MDF + DTD, stand 239×249×680 mm, non-slip feet, modern look

Suitable for: sounding of living room, hi-fi, home cinema

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