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27 828 | JPA 1185 amplifier central

2 line + 3 mic inputs, 3 zones, 180 W, priority, MP3 player, SD and USB slot, FM tuner, Bluetooth, audio module for chimes and announcements, IR remote control, IP and WiFi ready, high efficiency, quality sound

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system with high player comfort and connection

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12 996 | Rca (Cinch) black high-end male

max dia. of cable 9 mm, tightening mechanism, coloured, high quality

Suitable for: high quality signal interconnection equipment in High End and HiFi category

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210061 | RP 110 + JPM 2021 set – active ceiling Bluetooth speakers

plastic, HiFi, 2 × 20 W / 8 Ω, 86 dB, 50 – 20 000 Hz, with round front grill, moisture proof, dia. 248 mm, Mica cone, silk dome, crossover, stereo amplifier, and Bluetooth receiver built-in the speaker, playing directly from smart phone, laptop or tablet

Suitable for: installation in the ceilings and walls, quality public address sound

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21 891 | MBD 840 diversity wireless hand-held microphone

complete set, true-diversity, UHF, PLL, IR re-transmission, auto tuned, pairing, scanning, tuning from 100 frequencies, adjustable transmission power, radio range of 130 m, digital keying using a digital ID, filtering, compressor, expander, 2 noise gates, squelch, metal carrying case

Suitable for: speakers, interviewer, singers, music clubs, conferences, sounding apparatus

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27 812 | JPM 2032WB amplifier with Bluetooth, WiFi, LAN, USB and IR

2× 30 W / 8 Ω, 2× 50 W / 4 Ω, 1 stereo input Line In, 1 stereo output Line Out, D class, high efficiency, fully digital, processor controlled, Bluetooth, WiFi, Lan, Smart Audio technology: Internet radios, podcasts, play from a local network, the Internet, smartphone, tablet, PCs, DLNA, AirPlay, UpnP, streaming applications, sw. equalizer, limiter, protection, standby, remote control, passive cooling, console

Suitable for: sounding interiors and exteriors, local sound system, for builting-in furniture or wall mounting as dedicated stereo amplifier with up to 4 speakers. Also suitable for trucks and busses.

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27 810 | JPM 1504 100 V line power amplifier

1× 500 W / both 100 V and 8 Ω, Class D, efficiency of 87%, power factor correction APFC, limiter, band pass filter, remote control, protection against overload and short-circuit, interface for IP Audio (IP) a Smart Audio (WiFi) technologies

Suitable for: public address sounding interiors and exteriors, such as extending amplifier for mixing amplifier

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271032 | JBG 203 universal background music player with internet radio

internet radio player, player of AAC/AAC+, MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC files from USB or network using UPnP, DLNA and PlayTo, tuners FM with RDS, DAB, DAB + with DLS, AUX input, scheduler, connection to the LAN via ethernet or wifi

Suitable for: interior and exterior sounding system, addition of amplifier centrals or public address sound as long-term BGM player

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27 909 | PA 705 desktop IP microphone with intelligent control

paging to IP devices and groups, calls to other microphones and intercoms, receiving calls, broadcasting announcements and music, video calls, video monitoring and operation of TI 600 intercoms, recording and logging, 7" touch LCD display, built-in speaker, line output, slot for mikroSD memory card, USB, delay < 30 ms, operation in LAN and WAN, Android system

Suitable for: addition to the IP Audio system, industry (including entertainment), schools, corporate administrative and production premises, shops and their branches, security purposes

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27 910 | PA 600 desktop microphone with message player

gong, priority, audio module for 6 announcements, upload announcements via USB as MP3 files, programmable behavior, Line-in input, logic output of activity, indications, adjust volume of input, microphone and announcements separately, cardioid directional char.

Suitable for: sounding of boards, desks, guesthouses, offices, shops, hotels, worhshops, production