Speaker systems

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21 974 | ER 400 megaphone with player

25 W, up to 500 – 700 m, Mp3 player from SD or USB, Bluetooth, siren, Aux input

Suitable for: trainers, staging, production, demonstration, rescue services, security purposes

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21 959 | WA 305RC classroom speaker system with handheld wireless microphone

2× 20 W, efficient class D amplifier, handheld digital wireless microphone, Bluetooth, 1× MIC + 1× LINE input, PPT function – page turn of the presentation on the computer, laser pointer, two-band equalizer, automatic pairing, console

Suitable for: schools, classrooms, meeting, conference, training and presentation rooms, showrooms

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21 956 | WA 410RC speaker system with hand and headset wireless microphone

30 W battery, amplifier, speaker, mixer, MP3 player, Bluetooth, FM tuner, handheld UHF wireless mic. + belt transmitter + headset microphone, 2× MIC + 1× AUX input, echo in one device

Suitable for: speakers, trainers, teachers, dancers, conferences, performances

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21 960 | WA 480RC partybox, speaker system with hand and headset wireless microphone

80 / 200 W, 2× 10″ speakers, battery, amplifier, mix, Mp3 player, Bluetooth, FM tuner, wireless UHF handheld + headset microphone + bodypack transmitter, large clear display, 3× input, priority function, karaoke (vocal suppression), recording, Mega Bass, sw. equalizers, music sharing, sound processor, dynamic LED lights

Suitable for: exercisers, fitness, celebrations, home parties, restaurants, conferences, teachers, school, seminars, training