Sounding projects - interior

This site is intended to help you to select the appropriate sound products according to your purpose. Articles detail shows how it is usually solved and there are valuable advice from the practice in articles.

Are you rather interested in speaker constructions and theory? Then, go into Constructions section.

In the case of any questions and recommendations, contact us. The articles are written in Czech language, for their translation, use Google.

Sound system for a band

This set is intended for bands that usually play in a larger cast and in larger halls, on bigger stages and so on.

Brass band sound system

Even a common brass band requires sound system, usually the sound system for singers and some wind instruments …

Sound system for courtrooms

The sound system of the courtroom has its specifics. This is mainly a requirement for recording and a large number of microphones.

Supermarket sound system

The sound system of a supermarket or manufacturing plant has its two basic features – usually 2 to 6 zones and always one or two large zones.

Smart wireless sound system

The trend is clean, order interiors. We want the sound system to not only play well, but also fit well into the interior. Often so that it must not be visible at all.

Sound system for bathroom, sauna or small pool

We are beginning to understand the bathroom more as a place of relaxation. It is a kind of „small wellness center“ for us. Therefore, during reconstruction or building, we will consider whether and where the sound would be suitable …

Church sound system

The first thing that comes to mind with the sound system of the church is that it must be cheap. The second is that we will certainly have problems with acoustics.